What Brands of Cat Food Do a Kitten Need for Healthy Fur?

What Brands of Cat Food Do a Kitten Need for Healthy Fur?

Whereas they are super cute, cuddly, and a little clumsy, taking care of a kitten comes as a big responsibility. Kittens have a very sensitive body as they grow up and need to maintain a healthy diet in order to live their best life. If you’re noticing that your kitten’s fur is a little dull or losing its shine, it may be due to their diet. Consider switching to any of the following cat food brands for your playful pal and see if you notice a change in their fur!

Table of Contents

    1. Why isn’t your kittens’ coat shiny?
    2. What brands of food are best for my kitten?

1. Why isn’t your kittens’ coat shiny?

A dull fur coat on a kitten is likely due to one of four things:

  • Their diet
  • Their weight
  • Their age
  • Too frequent bathing

Be sure to see a vet and get their opinion and recommendation before treating any of these conditions.

2. What brands of food are best for my kitten?

Royal Canin Kitten

Royal Canin comes in soft and hard food, both of which are easy to chew for your kittens’ sensitive little mouth. There are plenty of flavor varieties and the ingredients are all-natural and ideal for a healthy coat!

Me-O Persian Kitten

Primarily designed for Persian kittens, the Me-O Persian kitten is optimally formulated with all the nutrients your kitten needs for a healthy body and shiny coat of fur! The food is also easy to digest.

Whiskas Junior Ocean Fish with Milk

Filled with the vitamins and minerals your kitten (and kitten mama) needs, this brand comes in an ocean-fish flavor that kittens love. The food is easy to digest and perfect for kittens aged 4-12 months!

Farmina Chicken Pomegranate Kitten Food

Farmina is a dry food brand that designed its pellets to be easy to chew, simple to digest, and filled with the nutrients your cat needs to grow up healthy and strong. The pomegranate seeds add additional vitamins and minerals that very few other kitten food brands do!

Hill’s Kitten

Recommended by vets, Hill’s Kitten Food is a great option for restoring your cat’s shiny fur coat and improving their overall health and digestion.

Me-o Kitten Tuna

Me-o tuna flavor is a dry food that kittens love due to its great tuna taste. Add in the nutrients and benefits each pellet has and you have a recipe for a healthy kitten!

Orijen Cat and Kitten

Orijen is a dry food brand that promotes all-natural ingredients designed to keep your cat and kitten healthy. The nutritional benefits encourage a healthy diet that leads to a beautiful coat of fur and a happy kitty!

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