How to Transition your Dog to a New Diet Slowly?

How to Transition your Dog to a New Diet Slowly?

Transitioning your dog to a brand new diet is a crucial step in maintaining their health. With such a large amount of different types of dog food within the market, it may be arduous to understand that one is correct for your pup. once transitioning them to new pet food, do therefore slowly over concerns 7-10 days by admixture associate increasing quantity of recent food with previous food every day. Begin with seventy-fifth previous combined with twenty-fifth new for roughly 3 days then mix 50/50 for 3 additional days.

When transforming your dog to a brand new diet, it’s vital to travel slow. If you alter several things directly, the changes in their method may be irritating and cause dyspepsia. Once switch food brands or savor, make certain there are not quite 2 major changes per day.

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Table of Contents

  1. First Day
  2. Second Day

1. First day:

Begin with seventy-fifth previous food miscellaneous with twenty-fifth new. As an example, combine one cup of the dry previous food and a simple fraction of a cup of wet new food in your dog’s bowl for the primary feeding. Feed this mixture 2 additional times that day to urge them to want to feed it and provide their system time to regulate.

2. Second day:

Mix five hundredth previous with five hundredth new, if they eat well from the previous combine, then you’ll begin admixture in an exceedingly very little but [*fr1] (approximately 3 quarters) of the previous food anytime till no additional is left on third or fourth days. If they don’t like all selection, however, keep going at an identical rate as Day One—mixing seventy-five.

On the first day, combine seventy-fifth of their previous food with twenty-fifth new and see however your pup will. If they need any negative reactions like ejection or diarrhea, wait one or two days before attempting once more. Otherwise, continue this magnitude relation for 3 additional days till the seventh day once you will begin admixture in 50/50 previous and new food. This method can step by step get them won’t to the modification while not being too abrupt concerning it!

*Once you’re on 100% new dog food, strive to add completely different flavors hebdomadally so they keep inquisitive about eating*. One issue to notice is that transitioning canned foods needs less gradual introductions since these usually contain higher levels of preservatives than dry dog foods do. For canned diets, simply switch out one-

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