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What Food is Best For Your Dog?

What Food is Best For Your Dog?

Due to this pandemic, the world has stood still. This restriction to step out of the house has made mankind to isolate at home which is overwhelming. I guess now you get more time to spend with a canine pal at home and I know at the same time you must have started caring more towards your pet. The first thing that comes to our mind is food as you cannot go out to your nearest pet food store and your little one deserves to eat well and healthy food. Don’t worry there are lots of pet food shops online available with a variety of food and I am sure most of us have already started looking at the options available online.

Best dog food means good quality, better absorption, and digestion for your pet. The first step to determine the best food for your dog is an ingredient list. It helps you to understand what is the food made of, in other words, whether it is a veg-based diet or a meat-based diet and let me tell you both the diets are equally important for your dog.

It also helps to avoid food that has been restricted by your Vet for your pets as everything is mentioned on the ingredient list.

Now the question arises out here is in how much quantity and interval you feed your pets. Well, it depends upon how healthy your dog is, what is the weight, size, breed, and yes of course age does matter. So now you are confused about overfeeding or underfeeding your little one. I think it’s time to consult your vet about nutrition, diet plan to make sure your dog is healthy. I can tell you a few tips to keep your dog healthy and I strictly follow.

A couple of months ago I consulted my old friend who is also a well-known vet in our area. He told me that you need to always make sure your dog is well hydrated as this is the most important thing to keep in mind. Always keep an eye on your dog’s weight as obesity in the dog decreases their life so whenever you under the impression that the weight is a bit more just rush to online vet as your pet’s life does matter to you.

Now let’s talk about the age factor because their food majorly depends on their age. When I am at home most of the time I am surrounded by my awesome company of 5 dogs all different ages and breeds. You must be thinking of how hard it would be to take care of them and their food. It’s quite simple to let me share the secret with you. Learn more here: Benefits of online veterinary & why you should go for it?

For Puppies

The best advice would be to ask what he was being fed before you brought him or her home and continue the same. It happens with most of us, when you bring a puppy home you will be interested in feeding that little cutie until he or she stops eating. At that point in time, you have not realized that this causes overeating which might lead to other health issues, so next time keep this in mind and give small meals regularly. Never give raw food to a puppy as their body is not developed to digest such raw meat or vegetables. You need to give a well-balanced kibble food to your puppy which is easily available in the market or you can even order from www.pawrulz.com where not only you will best Dog food, also lots of pet care products.

More than 16 weeks

This is the time when you must be over conscious and should keep a close eye on their activity. It is the time when their teeth are growing and almost every dog develops a habit of chewing things. They might end up ruining your shoes, carpet, or other things so be extra attentive. This is the perfect time to introduce some supplements like calcium bones, vitamins and chew sticks, they’re gonna love it and also search on the internet for pet care products which are essentials for your pet. Some dogs are allergic to some foods so always keep an eye on them and consult the vet online consultation if you see any kind of illness its best to consult online during COVID times and adhere to social distancing.

More than 12 months

Now your dog is an adult but this does not mean that you start feeding him or her thinking a growing kid needs more food for healthy growth. Now is the time to pay a visit to your vet for the complete health check-up of your dog. The vet will suggest a well-balanced and nutritious diet which is particularly important for the healthy growth of your dog. Every breed has a specific requirement in terms of food as this is when the body undergoes a major change so I highly recommend consulting your vet. This is the most beautiful journey and you will enjoy every bit of it going from here. You have to give the best dog food to your pet as this is a growing phase and also introduce some toys and look for pet care products available for your pet. You can also cook food at home like meat, vegetables, rice, etc for your dog, however, it is hard to keep track of nutrition and their body requirements. Hence, do provide him food suggested by professionals to keep a complete nutritional diet.


It’s time for nursing and taking a lot of care as your canine pal has grown old. It’s time for a regular check-up of your loyal friend and yes be careful of your dog food as their body will have digestion issues so again I would suggest giving the best dog food available on any pet food shop. If your dog is under any medication make sure the medicines are given on time and spend as much time you get as your loyal friend needs lots of attention.

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