Pet Grooming At Home

Pet Grooming At Home

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Taking your furry friend to the groomers can be a costly trip, especially when you’re looking for a simple  pet shampoo and conditioning treatment! Luckily, there are dozens of options for grooming your pet at home that won’t break your bank! These options are also great for anyone looking to avoid any large crowds, protecting their health and the health of their pet! 


Let’s take a look at how to get give your pet the grooming they deserve from the comfort of their own home!

Table of Contents

  1. Bathing Your Pet
  2. Brushing Their Teeth
  3. Trimming Their Nails


1. Bathing Your Pet

The level of difficulty for this task varies from pet to pet because they all have their own preferences! Some pets love water, others not so much! Bathing your pet is still critical to the health of their skin and fur though, so it should be done at least once every few months. Here’s a quick “how-to” on bathing your pet.

  • Fill your bath with around 4 inches of water, a little higher for larger dogs is perfectly fine. The water should be lukewarm, their skin is more sensitive than ours.
  • Either spray your pet with a detachable spray nozzle or shower-head or dump the water on their fur using a cup. Be sure to protect their eyes and ears!
  • Use a shampoo made specifically for pets (take breed into consideration). Rinse, and repeat with pet conditioner formulated for your pet!
  • Use a damp washcloth to gently wipe down under their eyes and inside their ears
  • Towel dry them and then let them air dry! If you insist on using a blow dryer, make sure it is on the cool setting!


dog after taking a shower

2. Brushing Their Teeth

Just like you or me, animals can get cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease as well. Whereas they don’t need to have their teeth brushed anywhere near as often, it should still be done a couple of times/week. Let’s talk about a few tips.

  • Get them used to the feeling by rubbing your fingers on their lips until they are comfortable with this act
  • Brush their teeth just like you would your own, in small circular motions at a slight angle
  • Only use veterinarian-approved toothbrushes and toothpaste approved for your pet!

Kitten Brushing happily


3. Trimming Their Nails

Unlike humans, pets do not enjoy having long nails. A key sign that your pet is need of a quick nail trim is when you start hearing a clicking sound on the ground as they walk. This can be a difficult task if your pet is skittish of the nail clipped, but there are some things you can do to ease their anxiety.

  • For small, anxious pets, try wrapping them in a towel or their favorite blanket and resting them on your lap. This cocoon often makes them feel safe.
  • For wiggly pets, you may have to just put a firm arm around their bodies and use your hand to hold their paw. That’s okay!
  • Ask your vet which pet clippers are best for your furry friend or give the two main styles a try and see which you and your pet are more comfortable with.
  • Cut the nail from the top down at a slight angle. Stop before you hit the quick because that’s where the blood supply is!


Dog Nail Clipping - Pawrulz

There are numerous ways to give your pet a quality grooming at home, just be sure you are using lukewarm water during baths, making, and keeping them comfortable, and use products approved by veterinarians!

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