In a lockdown, with pets – What to do?

In a lockdown, with pets – What to do?

Rumour has it that pets can be affected by coronavirus. This is absolutely false. Stray dogs, pets, cows or any other animal cannot be affected by COVID-19 nor pass it on.

Now that we’ve cleared the misconception, let’s talk about how this lockdown is affecting the lives of our pets.

If you’re someone who’s working, your pet must’ve been intrigued seeing you at home, especially the first couple of days. Surely you’ve showered your pet with affection and attention but they are still somewhat confused. Sadly, there’s no way of making them understand what’s happening.

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While you’re dealing with working from home and all the intricacies that come with it, you’re also concerned about your pet since you can’t take them out for a walk as much as you like or buy anything for them, nor take them to the groomers. If you need to give them a bath at home here’s our guide to grooming your pet.

Maybe you’re seeing more energy in your pet because you are at home. Here are a couple of things you can do to engage your pet:

  • Play a game of fetch or Tug of war.
  • Take them for walks within the Society/Building premises.
  • Engage them with interactive toys
  • Give them a bath

During the lockdown period:

  • Clean your pet’s paws regularly
  • Walk them in your society if it’s big enough
  • Visit pet shops or veterinarians only in case of an emergency
  • Play with them indoors as well as outdoors, only play less outdoors and maintain social distancing

It’s important to understand that when we panic our pets panic too. They understand our energy and moods. You must try and remain calm so your pet can stay relaxed. Make sure you keep interacting with your pet and do not ignore them.

Please remember to feed the strays in and around your house.

Stay safe and healthy!

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