How to Protect Your Pet During Holi : Do’s and Don’ts

How to Protect Your Pet During Holi : Do’s and Don’ts

Podcast | Kiara – How to Protect Your Pet During Holi: Do’s and Don’ts


Holi is a time for joy, love, and celebration. For some of you, that may mean you want to bring your cat or your dog along with you in order to share in the festivities with them! After all, they deserve to celebrate as well! Before you bring them along, there are some critical pieces of information that you should know and consider. 


Table of Contents

  1. The Festival
  2. Kids
  3. Pet-Approved Washing Products
  4. Pet Friendly Powders
  5. No Water


The Festival


  • Do: celebrate Holi with your pet if they want to join you, they shouldn’t have to miss out on all of the fun!
  • Don’t: Bring your cat or dog to the actual Holi Festival. The chemicals in the colorful powders are unsafe for them!


The Holi Festival (whether in India or not) is meant to be celebrated by people. If you are wanting to include your pet, you will have to make some modifications and celebrate it at home to ensure their safety!

Happy Holi



  • Do: Keep your pet away from children during the festival, especially if you aren’t making any modifications to the colorful powders.
  • Don’t: Let any children put color on your pet!


Children love Holi due to the fun colors and opportunity to get messy without getting in trouble! Where you may run into a problem is when children get too excited, as they may dump some powder onto your pet! This will irritate your furry friend’s skin and fur, and could even get into their eyes, ears, nose, or mouth!

Cat sitting on a couple playing holi

Pet-Approved Washing Products:


  • Don’t: Use any other kind of cleaning product such as dish soap, human body wash, etc.


If your dog or cat ends up getting color on them, whether it’s the original color mixture of cornstarch and food dye or it’s a custom powder you made to protect them, use pet-friendly products to clean them off! Your pet’s skin and fur are already sensitive if it has been hit with these powders, you want to be extremely gentle with them.


We dog sneaking from towel


Pet Friendly Powders:


  • Do: Use powders that are made from pet-friendly ingredients
  • Don’t: Use the powders made from cornstarch and food dye. Even traditional Holi powder made from ground up flowers can be dangerous pending the kind of flower


Make sure you do your research on pet-friendly Holi colors you can make to ensure your pets safety during the festival season! For example, turmeric, beet, henna or kum-kum powders make excellent, pet friendly options! Just avoid their faces!


Dog wrapped up in a towel

No Water


  • Do: Keep your pet away from any water sources during Holi (water balloons especially)
  • Don’t: Force your pet to be outside if there are water activities happening, or outside at all, during festival time.


When your dog’s fur is wet, the powders will clump together, this makes their fur knotted and skin irritated more than it would be from the dry powders alone. Water balloons are also something to be mindful of due to their ability to cause pain upon impact and surprise your pet. 

Dog drinking water directly from pipe

If your pet doesn’t want to be outside, they don’t have to be. Remember, Holi is about love, triumph, and joy, you want your pets to enjoy themselves. If being outside amongst the festivities is too much for them, don’t make them stay. It can be frightening for your pets. Let them enjoy from the view of a window if needed!

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