How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

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Cats, like any other pet, need a healthy diet filled with all the vitamins and minerals their bodies require to be their best selves. However, each cat is a little bit different, and sometimes, what works for one cat will not work for others. This begs the question, which cat food is the right choice?


Table of Contents

    1. Choosing The Healthiest Cat Food
    2. Consider Grains
    3. Try Canned or Dry Food
    4. Research Your Cat Food Brand


1. Choosing The Healthiest Cat Food

Your best bet in choosing the healthiest cat food is to first get your cat tested for any food sensitives or allergies that they may have. From there, you’ll want to search for cat foods that have simple, all-natural, healthy ingredients that your cat needs! Keep in mind that some cat species need different nutrients, so be sure to first talk to your vet and maybe even get their recommendation.

2. Consider Grains

Grains can be hit or misspending the age of your cat and your cat’s personal digestion. Whereas some cats have no problem digesting grains, others do. You’ll need to test this out first by giving your cat a type of food with and without grains and seeing if either one results in a poor reaction from your cat. If nothing happens, either way, your cat is in the clear.

3.Try Canned or Dry Food

Some cats respond better (or just prefer) dry food over wet food and vice versa. The best way to test this out is by giving your cat both and seeing which one your cat seems to prefer. You’ll know which one the winner is based on how much is left in the bowl, how long it took for your cat to eat it, and even by seeing how your cat responds to getting a different one.

4. Research Your Cat Food Brand

You want to give your cat the healthiest option, but in order to do that, you have to know what’s in the brand of food you’re giving your cat! Check out the following brands of cat food as they are known for their healthy nutrients and delicious cat-loving flavors!

  1. Royal Canin Kitten

    Ideal for kittens, this brand is recommended by vets and considered to be one of the top kitten food brands on the market.

  2. Me-O

    With several varieties of flavors and coming in wet or dry, Me-O is a great brand for when you’re trying to figure out your cat’s preferences.

  3. Whiskas

    Whiskas provide dry cat food for kittens/cats as well as milk or newborn kittens who do not have a mama. They’re a diet-friendly brand that cats and kittens adore!

  4. Farmina

    An all-natural brand that comes in wet and dry, Farmina is a great option for cats and kittens who need an organic diet!

  5. Applaws

    A wet and dry cat food brand filled with all of the nutrients that cats or kittens require. 

  6. Sheba

    Another all-natural cat food brand ideal for kittens as they age and grow up! This brand focuses heavily on providing kittens with all the nutrients they need for a healthy body.

  7. Fit 32

    With several flavor varieties, Fit 32 is ideal for cats and kittens on special diets or that need some weight adjustments.

  8. Orijen

    A fantastic brand for cats and kittens, Orijen is filled with all of the nutrients and comes in several flavors ranging from chicken to ocean fish!

  9. Matisse

    A dry cat food brand formulated for cats of all ages, Matisse is full of the vitamins and minerals your cat and kitten need to fuel their bodies and be their happiest playful selves!


No matter what brand you go with, your cat is sure to get all the nutrients they need to grow up strong and healthy. You may need to go through some trial and error to find their flavor preference, but once you determine what they truly need from the vet, that’s the easy part!

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