How Often Should I Clean My Pets Teeth?

How Often Should I Clean My Pets Teeth?

Podcast | Kiara – How Often Should I Clean My Pets Teeth?


Cleaning our pets’ teeth is often something that gets shoved under the rug. We tend to forget that, just like us, our pets are just as capable of getting cavities, gum disease, rotting teeth, etc. Whereas they may not need their teeth cleaned as frequently, it still needs to be done. When we fail to take care of our pets’ teeth, we see a rise in dental disease which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and even teeth falling out completely. It doesn’t take long for pets to reach this diagnosis either, most vets see this diagnosis around the ages of 2 or 3 years old! 

Table of Contents

  1. Dogs
  2. Cats


1. Dogs

Dogs are known for putting things they shouldn’t into their mouths! That tub of butter you left on the edge of the table, gone! That pile of dirt in the middle of the forest, chewed and swallowed! Dogs don’t often think before they try to eat, so their mouth takes on a beating! It is critical that you take care of your dog’s mouth health and not just because they’re giving you lots of kisses! You should aim to have your dog’s teeth brushed every 2-3 months, more often if they are outdoor dogs or hunting dogs!


dog don't want to brush

2. Cats

Cats do not put as much in their mouths as compared to their K-9 counterparts. Most cats just use their mouths for eating and cleaning, so they are a little less likely to end up with dental diseases. However, it is still possible, so most vets recommend having your cat’s teeth brushed every 4-5 months! If you happen to have an outdoor cat or an indoor/outdoor cat, bump those numbers to every 2-3 months just like dogs. You never know what your cat is getting into when you’re not around! 


Cat cleaning his teth


How to Clean Your Pets Teeth

Now that you know how often you should be having your pets’ teeth cleaned, let’s discuss how to complete the task! You have two options:

  • Do it yourself
  • Go to the groomers/vet

If you’re looking for a do-it-yourself option, cleaning your pets’ teeth really isn’t all that complicated. Your first step needs to be acclimating your pet to the feel of getting their teeth brushed. You’ll need to start by running your finger along their lips, firm enough that the inside of their lips will then touch their teeth. When they are used to and comfortable with this action, you can start introducing the toothbrush. Make sure you are using a vet-recommended toothbrush and toothpaste! Brush their teeth just as you would your own, with light pressure and at a slight angle. 

If doing it yourself isn’t appealing to you, you can always take your pet to a vet or a pet groomer! Nearly all of them will brush your pets’ teeth for you so long as you have a non-aggressive breed.

Taking care of your pets’ teeth is just as important to their overall health as giving them plenty of exercise. Brushing your pets’ teeth will insure they stay free of any dental diseases that would cause them discomfort and pain. 

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