Does it matter if your pet sleeps beside you?

Does it matter if your pet sleeps beside you?

Some people believe sleeping in the same bed as their pet is not good for their health. But it’s a myth, which people have created. People love their pets so much, but they don’t sleep with them. It’s totally safe to sleep with your pets. When our pet sleeps with us they feel secure, they show their affection, love and sleep like a baby. When it comes to the transfer of bacteria, if your pet has the proper vaccinations it’s safe to sleep beside them. They can not transfer the bacteria. If given vaccinations and medicines from time to time, for deworming or any other ailments.

If your pet sleeps next to you they feel safe too and both of you have a sound sleep. They can reduce your stress. Pets are known to be stress relievers. Spending quality time with your pet is sure to give your mood a boost.

Let’s talk some of the points by which you can keep your pet healthy and can also sleep next to them peacefully:

Give them regular bath

If you give timely baths to your dog or cat, there are fewer chances of germs or bacteria spreading. It’s important to use pets shampoos, specifically made for dogs and cats.

Dog Bath


Regular Check-ups

Your pets need time to time checkups at the veterinarian. Depending on your pet’s health and age you can schedule online vet consultation. Normally, it’s best to schedule a visit to the vet every six months and in case of any emergencies. It’s also important to do regular deworming as it can easily kill germs and keep your pet healthy.

Vet Consultation of Pet


Give Them Specific Foods

Human food is not appropriate for pets apart from some items. If you are giving some different pet food or normal food to your pet it might be not easy for them to digest. Again, you must select food depending on your pet’s age, breed and health so they get complete nourishment.

cat food


Keep Them Hydrated

Just like humans, pets can also get dehydrated. If you don’t give them water from time to time their body cells get dry and start producing bacterias. While dogs require between 1 to 3 litres of water, cats require between 2 and 3 ml.

dog with water

Clean Their Paws & Ears Properly

Your pet’s paws contain dirt and bacteria. This dirt can include ticks or fleas and even cause infections. Ear infections are quite common among house pets. To keep your pet in optimum health, clean their paws and ears.

pet cleaning tips

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