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5 Best Dog Festival’s Worldwide

5 Best Dog Festival’s Worldwide

Most of us have that dream to take our beloved pet with us and revolve all around the globe and this dream needs us the best of all places all around the world. No doubt there are many but confusion is still where to go. Putting our foot on any place around the globe is not as enjoyable as following the route towards the best places. You wanna know the best places around you for your dog?? You must take a look at this “TOP SEVEN PET-FRIENDLY CITIES TO TRAVEL TOO” this will give you a glimpse of the most popular pet-friendly cities on this planet. If you still want to see the particularly best Dog Festival’s for your pooch, my dear you’re at the right place. Here you can mesmerize your mind with the list of some amazing Dog Festivals on Earth.

To be honest it is definitely hard to mention all the places celebrating a dog festival on one page but yes lessening it to the top 5 of them is surely possible so why not let’s just reach our destination!? So here are the best Dog Festival’s:-

Diwali Dog Festival, Nepal:

Diwali is the greatest of all the Hindu Festivals and in India, it is the most dedicatedly celebrated festival but it will be a real blow to mind that in Nepal the neighbors to India festival of Diwali is considered auspicious. On the day of Diwali Nepalese people express their love towards the dogs by feeding them no matter if it is a Stray Dog or Personal Pet they’ll be treated and loved the same way. Also on these days, dogs are groomed nicely with flowers and other decorative material. If you want your dog to be part of this fun you must for it.

Chinese New Year: So here is another Asian country that dedicates one of its days to dogs. Actually, in China, the new year celebration is for 15 days and it starts in January and ends in February, the second day of this grand celebration is wholely dedicated to Doggies around the world. It is believed by Chinese people that on this day the world’s first dog came on the earth. On this day they treat dogs especially and dress them up like a King. If you want some privilege for your dog you can surely go with your Pooch to China in the month of January & February.

Barkus Parade, New Orleans:

Do you know your Dog can be part of a Carnival Parade with thousands of other dogs?? Yes, I am talking about the Mardi Gras Parade where a parade takes place with a new theme each time. Mardi Gras Parade is one of the most special parades for sure but the special Dog Parade makes it an even bigger exceptional case. So after visiting China for January and February you can have a thought about being a part of this must-watch parade with your Dog. City also has a lot to offer to you and your Fido so you must take a ride to New Orleans for some amazing memories.

St. Roach’s Day, Bolivia:

You would be knowing about the Catholic Saint Roch and have many things named after him all around the world. Have you had any idea that a dog once saved the life of Saint Roch by bringing bread for him and by licking his wound? Yes, this is true and for the same reason in Bolivia, everyone celebrates this day by grooming their dog nicely and participating in dog parades. You are most welcome to the city with your dog to be a part of the parade and also to see some beautiful places of Bolvis with your Fido.

Woofstock, Toronto:

Wanna go with your fido to an award-winning Dog festival of North America, Woofstock?? The place offers several entertaining events for your pooch which includes Dog Shows, a Fashion Contest, and a wide variety of dog products like grooming accessories, tasty treats, and foods. If your dog can win any of the competitions it can win several awards. So never make the mistake of not listing Woodstock in your catalog.

Go buy some nice accessories and grooming material for your Furry friend and wrap them all in one suitcase. The world has so much to offer your pet why not try them all at once. And surely you and your pet are gonna take memories from these amazing Dog-friendly festivals.

6 Things Pet can Teach your Children

6 Things Pet can Teach your Children

Pets make your home look Heaven and if you have a child in your house that’s just Gravy. Pets are loved across the world and especially there is a heavy craze of Dogs and Cats in Children. This pet craze in children seems to be a worry in parents’ minds as they think that having a pet in their household will affect the studies of the child. For not letting this happen there are a lot of ways that will keep both the Pet and Study on two different sides, Parents just need responsible behavior towards their child and personal time for child’s education and this will help them handle both. But having a pet in your home makes it even easier for you to teach your child some moral values and some etiquettes which you’re gonna read here in the below-written passage, so these are the things your pet can teach your child:-


When you bring a Pooch or a cat or any other pet animal to your home you not only bring a living being who’ll show you love, care, affection, etc but also you bring some responsibilities and job roles for yourself. When you start performing these responsibilities of your pet just make sure you keep your child near you and let him learn those things so that in near future he/she can do the same. This will help you bring responsible behavior to your child.


Self Esteem

As a parent when one starts showing their child how much they trust them they start building self-confidence and self-esteem which is good for their future. The same happens in this case where you tell your child to take care of the pet he/she gets that confidence that they can do things easily and their parents have trust in them to give them responsibility.



Nowadays children mostly have anger issues and hyperactive behavior which parents like changing and this can be cured with the help of their home pet. Children love pets and they want the full attention of their pet for which they start doing things that their pet likes, shouting and anger behavior is not acceptable to pets either it is a cat or a dog they like staying away from such beings and this is what will force the child to become a better human being and solve a problem of Parents.



Animals or Pets like being loved and cared for and as they are unable to express themselves by verbal communications they show it with their expressions and behavior and this is what develops understanding and kindness in Humans to learn the behavior of someone and offering them what they need, this is a quality that every parent would like their child to have so it will be helpful for them to have pets in the home.


Fitness & Friendship

Having a pet at home gives you peace of mind and your child a friend to play with. Pets like to play with human beings and also children like playing with them so they can stay fit and fine while playing their favorite games. The group of friends children stay with also love pets and like playing with them so having a pet at home can also make new friends for your child.


Feel Safety

While having a pet in your house especially a dog you can leave your child home alone and they’ll be safe in the house which is the most common purpose people have of having a dog in the house. Safety and Security dogs provided to your house are exceptionally perfect and children also won’t feel bored or home alone.


So, now there are so many reasons for you to buy a pet home and also you know how they are helpful for your children and their behavior. You can now move your foot and take a baby pooch or cat to your home and let them play and learn with your child.

Top Seven Pet Friendly Cities To Travel Too

Top Seven Pet Friendly Cities To Travel Too

“Dog’s do speak, but only to those who know how to listen ” the phrase by Orhan Pamuk says it all. Straying all around the World, love for the street and pet dogs can be easily spotted in human beings. From the hot lands of Israel to the coldest of all, Folk and their countries are intensely connected to Pets. There’ll be no shock if in the future your four-legged boy/girl will have the “Right to Education” too. Jokes apart!!!

This does not in any way lower the bumps of surprise from the text. A recent survey that told us the amount of fondness towards dogs in 7 sweet cities of the 7 big Country’s awaits the surprise. The Role of the Place is this…

Tel Aviv-Yafo,Israel

The green land of Israel’s City Tel Aviv-Yafo leads the list and shows their clear fondness for dogs by hosting the World’s first-ever Dog Festival, Kelaviv, and the opening of 70+ Dog Park’s, Four Dog-Friendly Beaches.

Carmel, California, USA

City hits the list by second as it is famous for its Beauty present in parks,trail’s and beaches and also allows your pets to be a part of the fun. Carmel treats your hound like a perfect Boss serving them with their room service menus, outdoor shower, and many more.

Keswick, UK

Bored from your hectic daily life? Wanna enjoy your Cutie? Lake City Keswick offers you and your kiddo an adventurous trip with places to swim and climb too. Keswick is also known as “DOGGY PARADISE” which clearly shows what you and your pet are up to here.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you’re coming here with your pet, be aware of your pocket, this is the place that doesn’t discriminate at all, your guest will require a ticket everywhere. If you bought one you have a place called “Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht” which offers the four-legged guest designer bed and bowls plus some tasty treats.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The city is summer vacation for your Puppy as then all the cafes and restos open-heartedly welcome them with lavish treatment. Cherry Beach here offers them some Cold energy and then enjoying the sunshine in 60+ parks to roam and play around.

Mumbai, India

Oftenly Mumbai is referred to as a Traffic City in India but talking of the dogs Mumbai came up in recent years while working for the Streat Dogs as well. The government is trying hard now in the case of street dogs which are seeming to be in a bigger battle in Community areas and for providing them an allowance in parks too.

Prague, The Czech Republic

Prague is considered as a Dog-Friendly Nation which like all the other dog lover countries proffers your Child allowance in parks and as a topping over the cake opens the doors of Pubs and Parties too for the Pets and it is not a stop yet. What about dogs on your Desk?? Prague allows you to take them but only if your bossman is okay with it and if you’re not the best employee who your mate’s hate the most, in that case, feel sorry for you!!

Parents, what more is left to read now?? Such Perfect dog wonder trips are ready for your tour, just pack your bags, book 2 tickets, and go for this amazing planned trip with your cute pooch.

Online Vet Appointments:- Good Or Bad

Online Vet Appointments:- Good Or Bad

The world normal has now changed to Human-Distancing & Quarantine. No one knows when all of it is gonna change again!! Homo-Sapiens have shifted themselves to the online society where all the gatherings are virtual, all the businesses are happening online, & so happened with the veterinarians who have adapted this change started taking online appointments. Where the pet parent and the VET talk virtually.

There can be an uncountable amount of fueds if the virtual appointments are good or not, but for now, this one seems to be the best and the most possible way for veterinarians. No doubt in the fact that online appointments with veterinarians have some disadvantages also like there can be more possibilities of better treatment in the same room and also it’s hard to find a solution to every medical problem online. Whereas there are also some merit sides like, there can be an easy & speedy cure to any allergy or disease on point if the medications or appointment happen instantly. How to decide if it can be cured online or offline?

How to decide if it can be cured online or offline?

In most of the cases, Pet parents get confused if the allergy or disease dog is suffering from can be checked online or an offline checkup is required. In accordance with the current isolating scenarios, one should always look for a veterinarian appointment on-call first and then follow the consultancy of the vet, if the physician desires to see the pets ache within 4 walls then one should always take the obligatory steps and the veterinarian, in any case, looks okay with the telemedicine’s owner can continue with it. Consulting a second VET is also an alternative that can be taken in between the online checkups if the owner looks unhappy with the steps or response taken by the physician or the recovery of the pet. If the concern appears serious don’t ignore symptoms and share every indication you can see in your Pet with your veterinarian. Tell the vet also about what kind of products and food you use for your brute, hiding any detail can lead to a bigger affliction.


Online consultancy can create a bigger problem for the pet if the Vet you’re discussing is unprofessional or inexperienced as it needs expert eyes to find the worry on the camera rather than offline meet. So, as a responsible parent, always be careful and have good research or knowledge about the veterinarian you’re going to turn to. Hurry in picking out the veterinarian can create much bigger hurdles for your loved one, forever advice will be to always concern the same VET you consulted prior to until or unless you find them not right for on-call checkups or they are not inaccessible for online meets.

Will an online prescription work in the pharmacy?

After the enforcement of distancing all over the globe the Food & Drug Administration(FDA) had taken requisite steps by suspending some norms like for now, the vets can provide a prescription of  “Extralabel ” drug without a particular audit. FDA also enforced the suspension of some federal rules in the VCPR(Vet-Client-Pet Relationship). In the former times the VET first had to examine the pet physically and then to prescribe proper medications but for now to help the Vets in the telemedication’s they don’t have to physically examine the pet they can also prescribe without the animal examination. This requisite step was taken to lemen human interaction. So, for now, it’s easy for the pet parents to provide the proper medications to their child within the required time and all the medicines can be acquired from the nearest pharmacy. After the normal situations, the older norms will be followed.

Preparations for the Online Appointment:-

  1. Before going on the call list the problems and symptoms you can see your pet is facing and also what kind of products your kid uses in a normal routine.
  2. Joining the appointment also requires the previous details and prescriptions of your pet and the attendee of the appointment should be the one who keeps in touch with the dog mostly.
  3. Also not always the vet asks you to come on call but also they ask you for some pictures and videos of the dog from different angles which will give them a better understanding of the problem and will take you lesser time than in the online appointments, in any of that case you can shoot video of 15-20 seconds to give the vet a better check.
  4. VET may ask for urine samples or anything of your pet so be obediently prepared in that case to provide any access requirement.


As always Pawrulz always focused on the comfort of you and your stroke, so after noticing the widespread of the coronavirus and growth in the need for online VET Appointments due to sapien distancing, Pawrulz started an online vet appointment service available on our website where pet parent’s like you have not to worry about anything now. Qualified Experienced expert Veterinarians are now easily accessible for you and your cute pet, who will take care of clearing all the torments your child is facing.

7 rules to feed stray animals, responsibly!

7 rules to feed stray animals, responsibly!

Compassion! A philosophy that flows in the veins of Indians. Majority of Indian households, urban or rural, reserve some portion of their food for dogs and cows. It shows a noble gesture of people towards stray animals. 

Have you ever thought that what we feed to stray animals is nutritious for them or not? Is it good for their designation? 

Researchers said that stray animals are canines and they are allergic to some categories of food. The number of stray animals in India increased and reached 30 million (as per the report of “The Washington Post” in 2016). Many people in India volunteer as an organization or an individual level to feed home-made food to dogs, cats, etc., and care for stray animals. While there are many do’s and dont’s for animal feeding to ensure legitimate help. Pin all 7 rules before feeding stray animals. 

Lactose intake-

A million-dollar myth around Indian society is feeding biscuits and milk to dogs and cats. But do you know milk can leads to intense distraction in their digestion system and can give worth to stomach worms? For example, avoid feeding milk to puppies for one year from their birth. It is important to check with the veterinarian before feeding lactose and biscuits to stray animals. 

Important to note: There are two types of biscuits, flavoured and unflavoured, not every biscuit is for feeding. Always serve those biscuits which are unflavoured and have less amount of sugar. 

Sweets and chocolate-

Anything which is sweet to tongue has the obromine. The human body is adaptable to theobromine but dogs are allergic to it. Whenever they intake chocolates and sweets, an array of toxins formed in their body which puts their health at a big risk. 

Indian spices and fried foods

Our leftover food has a flavour of different spices which is easy for the human body to digest. If we talk about stray animals, their immune system is weaker than pet dogs. It is very hard for dogs to tolerate the intensity of oil and species. 

Fruits and vegetables

Dog food has all the ingredients which are beneficial for dogs, same goes with every stray animal. But when it comes to homemade dog food there are no criteria for weightage of protein and vitamins. Feeding raw fruits and vegetables can be harmful to the dog instead of feeding boiled vegetables to stray animals. 

Attention to fruit feeding- Every stray animal has a different level of capacity to digest fruit and not every animal can digest the same fruits. For example- cats may be allergic to papaya but the cat may not. Avoid feeding fruits before the stray animal is checked with a veterinarian. 

Overfeed and underfeed 

Researchers said that the main cause for the high rate of deaths in a stray animal is overeating or under-eating.  

Amazed right! Animals never say “no” to food, if you are feeding what they like the most. Before feeding always look at the time gap between the food feeding. Overeating can lead to the direct death of a stray animal. Be a responsible feeder  to protect a living outside the home. 


Give them water- 

Whenever you feed something to any stray animal try giving them water before or after feeding. Water will help them to digest the food easily. 

Caution- Say no to plastics- 

Feeding packet food like dog food, cat food is always an add on to the health of stray animals. Always remember don’t throw the full packet towards them, tear out the plastic, and then serve the food. Feed them by cutting the food into pieces so that their body can easily digest it.

Be a responsible feeder, once you feed them to pin it in your routine and do it daily. But always remember to feed them what is good for their health and having rich quality nutrients.

raveena tandon

Raveena Tandon, the animal lover says “she discourage from buying puppies from breeders”. She adopts a family of stray dogs who needs a home!!

10 Bollywood celebrities and their love for pets

10 Bollywood celebrities and their love for pets

One of the most enduring friendships in history – pets and Humans, or humans and pets. Relationships between pets and their owners are quite different from those found with humans. Whether you own one or not, there is a common consensus that most humans like dogs and cats. Even though you might lean nearer to the subtle end of the “are you a cat or a dog person?” spectrum, most people can appreciate the requirement to squeal when presented with a silky-soft, dopey-end puppy. You are reading this blog means you possess a soft heart for canines.

But have you ever wondered which of your favorite Bollywood celebrities are in love with pets?
Just like you do! Here are the top 10 Bollywood Contenders who are known for showing some canine love!

Amitabh Bachchan

A man is known by the company he keeps and if you talk about Big-B, a big dog will be a perfect match. Amitabh Bachchan had a Great Dane named Shanouk. In an interview, Big-B talks about Shanouk and how he feels ignored after her granddaughter had arrived in their family. Amitabh Bachchan is fond of big great dogs, he had a breed Piranha Dane Dog which is one of the tallest dogs. This powerful bread is also known as German Mastiff, the Deutsche Dogge, and Danish Hound. The best thing about these dogs is they love to be around people every time, and they are very protective in nature. The dog weighs between 60-90 kgs. The dog is in golden yellow color with a black nose area.

amitabh bachchan


Salman Khan

What Sallu Bhai lacks in his romantic life, he makes up for it with his affection for his dogs. Here also Salman Khan’s rules Bollywood for the love he always shows for his pets. He owned 4 dogs, beautifully named My love, My Jaan, Mowgli, Veer. Quirky names, we know! But he maintains a dog blog, in which he says that “From them, I learn patience and forbearance”. The social media handles of Salman khan is mostly occupied with the pictures of himself chilling with his dog.

salman khan


Shilpa Shetty

Fitness guru has a Pekingese dog and two Persian cats. She calls her dog Champagne. Pekingese dogs are famous for being extra cute and they look like a fluffy-fatty-ball. When she is not on any film set, Shilpa Shetty is one of those stars who is often seen sharing pictures of herself with her canine family.

shilpa shetty


Shahrukh khan

King-Khan is known for her romantic films and loving nature. The same he shows with his pet dogs. He owns a Labrador named Hulk and two Maltese named Kai and Juicy. His pet dogs give him so much solace that he has been reported to have said that whenever he feels depressed he prefers to talk to his dog rather than talking to a human.

shahrukh khan


Tushar Kapoor

Be like Tushar a funny and fancy guy, he also calls his dog with a funny gesture named as Whiskey and Risky. He always stands out for his love for dogs. It is in fact rumored that he once got a diamond collar for dogs.

Tushar Kapoor


Priyanka Chopra

With just as many fans as her owner, Brando has too. Miss world has a beautiful cocker spaniel, Brando. Apparently, she named her Brando after the name of Marlon Brando of “The Godfather” fame. A photo shared by Priyanka of pooch went viral as a funny story on Instagram. In that picture the dog is wearing the shoes of Priyanka Chopra and provided with a caption “Funny story, I used to wear my mom’s shoes when I was a kid & now Di is going same. Well the legacy continues”.

priyanka chopra


Shahid Kapoor

His little dog, Kaizer has just passed away recently, after her he brought a new dog and introduced him on social media as the new addition to the family. On Sundays, he used to post pictures with Kaizer captioned as “Sunday mood”. The actor was known to be tremendously fond of pets and often shares pictures and videos on his social media handles.

shahid kapoor


Imran Khan

When Bollywood celebrities are not just busy with vacationing or filming, they also spend time with their loved ones. Just like we all do!
Imran Khan is a huge dog lover, with two dogs named Tony and Kajri. He always said in his interview that adopts dogs, don’t shop. In his busy schedule of back to back movies, he took some time out to relish the downtime with Tony and Kajri.


Shraddha Kapoor

Being a massive dog lover, Shraddha takes her Lhasa apso everywhere. She spends all her time playing with him and has taken him on international trips as well. In an interview shraddha mentioned whenever she went out on some outside film shoot and not able to take her cute little dog. She took some days off in between to comfort a cute member of the family. She posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it as “Pets are always there to cheer us up. We should take time to cheer them up too.

shraddha kapoor


Sonakshi Sinha

She seems to love her little beagle puppy enough to take him along on shoots! She spends most of her time playing with Kuro and pampering him. She posted a picture of a new member dog on her social media handle in which the dog is lying on her very calmly and she captioned her as Happy Valentine’s day from us to you! And meet my new baby”.

sonakshi sinha


These Hot Celebrities have won our souls in more than movies wouldn’t you agree?

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety

One of the most common complaints of pet parents is that their dogs are annoying or destructive when left alone. Your dogs may urinate, defecate, bark, howl, chew, dig, or try to escape. Although these problems often indicate that a dog needs to learn trained manners at home, they can also be symptoms of suffering. When dog problems are accompanied by other painful behaviors, such as drooling and anxiety when parents are preparing to leave the house, there is no evidence that the dog has not been trained or does not know which toys to chew on. Instead, these are indications that the dog has anxiety about separation. Separation anxiety is triggered when dogs are disturbed by separation from guardians and the people to whom they are attached. Attempts to get rid of dogs with separation anxiety are often extreme and can lead to self-harm and destruction of the house, especially around exit points such as windows and doors.

Some dogs who suffer from separation anxiety are upset when their caregivers prepare to leave. Others seem upset or depressed before their guardians leave or when their guardian is not present. Some are trying to prevent teachers from leaving. Usually, as soon as the caregiver leaves the dog with separation anxiety, the dog will begin to bark and show other disturbing behaviors shortly after being left alone – usually within minutes. When the caregiver returns home, the dog behaves as if they were last year since he saw his mother or father!

When treating a dog with separation anxiety, the goal is to address the dog’s basic anxiety by teaching him to love or at least tolerate loneliness. This is achieved by configuring the dog to experience the situation that is causing it, ie. To be alone, without feelings of fear or anxiety.

Common symptoms of separation anxiety
The following is a list of symptoms that may indicate separation anxiety:


Some dogs urinate or defecate when left alone or separated from the guard. If your dog urinates or urinates in the presence of his guardian, the dirt in your home is probably not caused by separation anxiety.

He barks and screams

A dog suffering from separation anxiety may bark or howl when left alone or when separated from a guardian. This type of bark or howling is persistent and does not seem to be triggered by anything other than being left alone.

Chewing, digging, and destroying

Some dogs chew on objects, doors, or window sills, dig doors and gaiters, or destroy household items when left alone or separated from their parents. This behavior can result in self-mutilation, such as broken teeth, severed and scratched paws, and damaged nails. If a dog’s chewing, digging, and destruction are caused by separation anxiety, they do not usually occur in the presence of his guardian.


A dog with anxiety about separation may try to escape from the area where it is confined when left alone or separated from a guardian. A dog may try to dig and chew through doors or windows, which can lead to self-mutilation, such as broken teeth, severed and shaved front legs, and damaged nails. If the behavior of a running dog is caused by separation anxiety, this does not happen when its guardian is present.


Some dogs walk or drag them along a certain path in a fixed pattern when left alone or separated from their parents. Some compassionate dogs move in a circle, while others move back and forth in straight lines. If a dog’s rhythmic behavior is caused by separation anxiety, this usually does not happen when his guardian is present.


When left alone or separated from a caregiver, some dogs defecate and then consume all or part of their feces. If a dog eats feces out of anxiety about separation, it probably doesn’t do so in the presence of a guardian.

Why do some dogs develop separation anxiety?

There is no conclusive evidence that shows exactly why dogs develop separation anxiety. However, since many more sheltered dogs have this behavioral problem than those maintained by one family since childhood, it is believed that the loss of an important person or group of people in a dog’s life can lead to separation anxiety. Other less dramatic changes can also trigger the disorder. The following is a list of situations associated with the development of separation anxiety.

Change of guardian or family

Leaving, handing over the shelter, or giving to a new caregiver or family can trigger the development of separation anxiety.

Program change

A sudden change in schedule in terms of when or how long a dog is left alone can trigger the development of separation anxiety. For example, if a dog keeper works at home and spends all day with his dog, but then gets a new job that requires him to leave the dog alone for six or more hours in a row, the dog may develop anxiety about separation. because of this change.

Change residence

Moving to a new home can encourage the development of separation anxiety.

Change of family affiliation

The sudden absence of a family member, either due to death or change, can trigger the development of separation anxiety.

Pet Adoption

Pet Adoption

Adopting pets is a wonderful thing. If you want to adopt a dog, cat, or any other animal, you want to make sure you have considered everything you need to become a good and caring pet owner. It is said that when you first meet an animal and that animal has created a bond with you, there is an explanatory bond that is being created and you know, that animal was created to be with you. The relation is often stated to be stronger when the animal is in a shelter or rescue; maybe because you know that having the animal as a pet means giving it a better life. Some describe the feeling as falling in love, almost. Some describe it as the paternal or maternal instinct that makes you want to look after and love another creature as though it were yours. You want to provide him or her with a home of love that makes you feel human with the best care.

When you get a new furry pal, realize that it’s for their entire life. You should genuinely decide whether you can give them the care and attention they would require before you finally get your pet.

General requirements of a pet include:

  • Regular vet consultation should be the priority
  • A commitment to your pet’s lifelong care
  • Providing Quality dog food
  • It requires proper dog grooming to stay hygienic
  • Proper Training and dog treats as a reward.
  • Dog toys to keep them entertained.
  • Arranging for care if you need to go somewhere


Today, online pet stores and online vet care have made life easy for pet owners. You can get the quality and best dog food for your pet delivered at your doorstep. People are getting more educated, started paying more attention to dog grooming and keeping them engage with lots of dog toys available online.

There are many animals in need of a caring home, a wonderful thing is done by any person who adopts a pet instead of buying one from a breeder. And when this person is a celebrity, it reveals this noble concept to thousands of their fans and they dream about taking a cat or dog from a shelter. We want to tell you about ten celebrities who have made many dogs and cats happier by offering them homes and caring families forever.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas

The “Jealous” singer and Quantico star revealed that a Husky-Australian Shepherd cross named Panda had been adopted. Chopra posts on Instagram with their German Shepherd Gino “Welcome to the family, Panda! We adopted this little rescue (soon he won’t be so little) just a few weeks ago. We can’t be sure but he seems to be a Husky Australian Shepard mix…. and those eyes… and the ears!!!

nick jonescredit: Courtesy of Nick Jonas/Instagram



Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

Reynolds says that when he looked for a pooch for his mate, he quite awwdorably. “fell in love” with his new pup. In a conversation with ABC News Reynolds said, “I saw this big, dumb-looking Retriever staring up at me…I whispered to him, ‘Hey, let’s get the hell out of here.’ And he jumped up like he spoke English fluently. He came with me, he jumped in the car, and we’ve been best buddies ever since.”

ryan and baxterImage via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Bradley Cooper and Samson and Charlotte

As he saw the German Short-Haired Pointer at a kill-shelter site, Cooper rescued Samson. He fell in love with Charlotte, 7, during an adoption drive. In conversation with People Pets, he said “I lucked out, I got two great rescues…I’m sort of a hybrid of both my dogs. Samson is stoic and makes me earn it and Charlotte loves me undyingly. They’re my kids.”

bradley cooper

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

George Clooney and Einstein

Clooney rescued his dog from a shelter and he found Einstein online. In a conversation with Esquire, Clooney said, “So I go online and see Einstein. They had a whole film about him. It was actually really sweet. You see him all beat up and shit in the shelter, and they show how they cleaned him up. God, I love this dog. So I called and said, ‘I like Einstein!'”

George Clooney Pet Adoption

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Amanda Seyfried and Finn

The relation between Seyfried and her Australian Shepherd rescue has been one of the cutest. In conversation with Ellen DeGeneres Seyfried said, “He cuddles with me and he listens to me, and he loves me and he looks at me all the time.”

Amanda Seyfried and Finn

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Emma Stone + Andrew Garfield and Ren

Stone already had a dog when she and her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, finally agreed to get Ren. They initially fostered the Golden Retriever, according to People Pets, before adopting her.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Selena Gomez and Baylor

Baylor is Gomez 6th rescue, She adopted Baylor with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and now Baylor is her sweetheart.

selena and baylor

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Hilary Swank and Karoo & Rumi

Swank is a longtime advocate of animals. Swank is never without her pets and is often seen traveling to shooting places with her pups. she told Petfinder: “I am a really big advocate for speaking up for animals that need to be adopted, and when you think about the statistics, to me, there is no other option but to adopt.”

hilary swank

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Jake Gyllenhaal and Boo Radley and Atticus

Both of Gyllenhaal’s dogs are rescues and named after Harper Lee’s iconic characters in To Kill A Mocking Bird. In an interview with Movies online, Gyllenhaal said that he had a very distant relationship with animals growing up, but he felt like he was ready for a dog after Brokeback Mountain.

jake gyllenhaal

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Jon Hamm and Cora

Hamm adopted Cora with his long-time girlfriend Jennifer Westdfeldt. In an interview with Animal Fair, Hamm said, “We went and saw her and fell in love, she’s been in our lives for eight years.”

Jon Hamm

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs
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