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Buy Dog Accessories Online Store India

Buy Dog Accessories Online Store India

Whether you’re buying a new bone, a fluffy new collar or just looking for a cheap way to deliver pet food, our online pet store has all the choices and deals you need. Today’s offers in this area are available for dogs and cats of various breeds and sizes. Whether you’re looking for pet food, delivery, toys or treats, these online dog shops and pet retailers can save you a little money.

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Transform your pet’s life with these must-have dog accessories

Transform your pet’s life with these must-have dog accessories

Whether you’re a new pet parent or an experienced pet parent dog accessories can change your pet’s (and your) life. When you bring a baby into the world you’re prepared with certain things that will help you take good care of the baby. Just like that, you require some items so your dog feels welcomed and comfortable. Plus, it’s already tough for dogs since they are not living with their siblings or parents.

While some options for dog accessories are purely designed, most of them are important for keeping dogs safe. Animal fashion is something that is growing much faster than even women’s wear. You will see different styles of collars, covers, and flannels, and jackets every day.

Dog accessories can be a lot of fun. There are so many options to choose from for every product, be it leashes or bowls. While some people prefer not to buy any accessories for their dogs, especially in India, it’s clear that accessories can help us in taking better care of our pets and giving them a quality life.

A few tips to keep your pet entertained

Treats and toys are the most common accessories. Even the most serious dog owners could possibly use some help discovering new, enjoyable dog accessories that go beyond the standard old treats and toys. Yes, it’s true dogs require very little to be happy but we must do what we can to keep them satisfied. Read on to find out which accessories your dog should have.


A leash is the most common dog accessory for obvious reasons. Depending on your preference you can keep a short or long leash. There are various sizes and types of leashes available for each dog breed and for different uses in everyday life and exercise. One thing that these leashes have in common is that they keep your dog safe and under control while you’re out in public.

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A collar is probably the first thing bought by a pet owner. As your dog grows you will need to switch collars or buy an extendable collar. Collars should be comfortable for your dog and not too tight. It’s important that the collar you choose has a good lock system. Collars come in an assortment of materials and styles. You can buy plain coloured collars, printed collars and much more.

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ID Tags

An ID tag is essential for dogs. They generally have the name of the owner, phone number and an address and can be a great help in finding your dog if it runs away. ID tags are put in the collar as most collars have a place for ID tags.

Your guide to buying dog grooming products online

Brush & Comb

Any groomer will tell you that you must brush your dog regularly. Regularly brushing or combing your pet’s coat ensures good blood circulation, distributes essential oils all over the coat and helps spot ticks or fleas. Combining also removes loose hair. Your groomer or vet can help you choose an appropriate brush or comb depending on your pet’s hair length and texture.

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Shampoo & Conditioner

Yes, dogs require both shampoo and conditioner. A good shampoo contains essential oils and soothes your pet’s coat and skin. Remember, dogs have much more sensitive skin than humans. The shampoo should clean your pet but not strip the skin of its oils. The wrong shampoo could dry out your pet’s skin and create room for bacteria. There are different shampoos for different concerns just like we have; dry coat, ticks and fleas, de-shedding, and so on.

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Every dog requires a bowl for food and water. It’s better to have separate bowls for water and food. Like collars & leashes, bowls too come in a variety of designs and materials. You can buy stainless steel dog bowls or sustainable dog bowls.

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Do you like smelling good? We are sure your dog does too! There is a range of deodorants and colognes for dogs as well. They make your pet smell good as pets sweat too. You must make sure the cologne is not too harsh for your pet. That could lead to skin irritation.

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Pets love toys! When you play with your pet your bond with them becomes stronger. Just like us, dogs need mental and physical exercise on a regular basis. Your dog will probably not like every dog you get. Slowly you can understand what kind of toys your pet likes. You can choose between squeaky toys, ropes, frisbee and balls. Go on and enjoy playtime with your pooch!

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