Cat Training Made Easier

Cat Training Made Easier

Follow these to train your Cats

Dogs are intelligent pets to train ,but how about cat training? It sounds tricky to train the cats right? Well, it is not that tough parents, it’s just about the kind of pattern you try on your baby and how unnecessarily hard you make it for your cat pet. Parents like you, who are reading this are surely frustrated with the behavior of their cat, scratching the furniture, littering all around, & ignoring your calls as a leader, then you must go through these handy lifehacks:-

Use Rewards

Everyone likes to be bribed with tasty food for doing something for someone no matter if it’s a sapien or an animal friend. Cats are good at heart and can easily be buttered just with some tasty treats as per their taste and then they’ll learn whatever you want them to, it’s an easy savior for you guys!! You can make them shake hands, litter in your favorite places, stop them scratching your furniture, and save yourself from tough bites just with some tasty meals.

Toys & Games

Pets like to play and enjoy or else stay lazy, this is what you can use to help them learn and train. Provide the pets with their favorite toys and play with them the games that help them learn new things and in a new way, Science states that one can learn much faster and easier while playing than while studying no matter human or animal.

Socialization Of Cat

When you pet a cat, as a parent you should keep in mind that cats’ nature is usually Anti-Social and choosy about the people they get in touch with, so be well-prepared about the people you want them to socialize with and try to do that in the shorter time. Make a shorter list of people you want them to know because if you force the cat to socialize with a larger number of people there is a high probability of your cat being rigid and mentally stressed, which no responsible parent wants.

Litter Training

Kittens are generally intelligent about there littering places, but in exceptional cases, if they’re very ill-mannered about peeing and pooping you can use a trick known as “Box Littering”, which means you can dump their wastes in particular boxes and put those boxes on the places where you want them to litter and in a very less time they’ll get used to it and start littering on those places, after following this be aware of the cat is licking or eating own waste because this can be a sign that your cat is sick, and in particular, anemia is a condition where an affected cat could be exhibiting this sign. Anemia happens when there is a lack of hemoglobin or RBC in the cat.

Clicker Use

To train the cat in an easy manner you can buy & use clickers that radiate a particular sound which pet may like and follow your instructions. The clicker makes different sound and voices that attract the pet to move as per the direction of the click, like in general cats prefer the pen tap sound so you can buy a pen and try that sound on your cat and see if it is working for you to train the pet if this doesn’t work, try something else or some other sound which attract the cat or kitten. You can teach sitting, to fetch, & high five while using Clicker or any other sound. Remember that after every training session rewards the cat with a favorite treat to motivate them to learn more every time.


Don’t be a sweet parent always, sometimes it is very much needed to be a strict parent so that the pet not just loves you but also is scared of you after doing anything wrong. Punish your pet whenever you watch them being ill-mannered or ill-behaved, this will keep fear in the mind of the pet and will behave right afterward. Also, don’t forget to be kind enough even while punishing, no need to beat the cute mouser instead you can use a heavy sound to punish them like, clapping or anything else because cats are very much afraid of heavy sounds or noises. 

Hopefully, these secret tips would be helpful for you to keep your cat disciplined and well-mannered because it’s not hard as you think it is, animals are the easiest and cutest to handle and teach if the pattern is right. 

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