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5 Best Dog Festival’s Worldwide

5 Best Dog Festival’s Worldwide

Most of us have that dream to take our beloved pet with us and revolve all around the globe and this dream needs us the best of all places all around the world. No doubt there are many but confusion is still where to go. Putting our foot on any place around the globe is not as enjoyable as following the route towards the best places. You wanna know the best places around you for your dog?? You must take a look at this “TOP SEVEN PET-FRIENDLY CITIES TO TRAVEL TOO” this will give you a glimpse of the most popular pet-friendly cities on this planet. If you still want to see the particularly best Dog Festival’s for your pooch, my dear you’re at the right place. Here you can mesmerize your mind with the list of some amazing Dog Festivals on Earth.

To be honest it is definitely hard to mention all the places celebrating a dog festival on one page but yes lessening it to the top 5 of them is surely possible so why not let’s just reach our destination!? So here are the best Dog Festival’s:-

Diwali Dog Festival, Nepal:

Diwali is the greatest of all the Hindu Festivals and in India, it is the most dedicatedly celebrated festival but it will be a real blow to mind that in Nepal the neighbors to India festival of Diwali is considered auspicious. On the day of Diwali Nepalese people express their love towards the dogs by feeding them no matter if it is a Stray Dog or Personal Pet they’ll be treated and loved the same way. Also on these days, dogs are groomed nicely with flowers and other decorative material. If you want your dog to be part of this fun you must for it.

Chinese New Year: So here is another Asian country that dedicates one of its days to dogs. Actually, in China, the new year celebration is for 15 days and it starts in January and ends in February, the second day of this grand celebration is wholely dedicated to Doggies around the world. It is believed by Chinese people that on this day the world’s first dog came on the earth. On this day they treat dogs especially and dress them up like a King. If you want some privilege for your dog you can surely go with your Pooch to China in the month of January & February.

Barkus Parade, New Orleans:

Do you know your Dog can be part of a Carnival Parade with thousands of other dogs?? Yes, I am talking about the Mardi Gras Parade where a parade takes place with a new theme each time. Mardi Gras Parade is one of the most special parades for sure but the special Dog Parade makes it an even bigger exceptional case. So after visiting China for January and February you can have a thought about being a part of this must-watch parade with your Dog. City also has a lot to offer to you and your Fido so you must take a ride to New Orleans for some amazing memories.

St. Roach’s Day, Bolivia:

You would be knowing about the Catholic Saint Roch and have many things named after him all around the world. Have you had any idea that a dog once saved the life of Saint Roch by bringing bread for him and by licking his wound? Yes, this is true and for the same reason in Bolivia, everyone celebrates this day by grooming their dog nicely and participating in dog parades. You are most welcome to the city with your dog to be a part of the parade and also to see some beautiful places of Bolvis with your Fido.

Woofstock, Toronto:

Wanna go with your fido to an award-winning Dog festival of North America, Woofstock?? The place offers several entertaining events for your pooch which includes Dog Shows, a Fashion Contest, and a wide variety of dog products like grooming accessories, tasty treats, and foods. If your dog can win any of the competitions it can win several awards. So never make the mistake of not listing Woodstock in your catalog.

Go buy some nice accessories and grooming material for your Furry friend and wrap them all in one suitcase. The world has so much to offer your pet why not try them all at once. And surely you and your pet are gonna take memories from these amazing Dog-friendly festivals.

6 Things Pet can Teach your Children

6 Things Pet can Teach your Children

Pets make your home look Heaven and if you have a child in your house that’s just Gravy. Pets are loved across the world and especially there is a heavy craze of Dogs and Cats in Children. This pet craze in children seems to be a worry in parents’ minds as they think that having a pet in their household will affect the studies of the child. For not letting this happen there are a lot of ways that will keep both the Pet and Study on two different sides, Parents just need responsible behavior towards their child and personal time for child’s education and this will help them handle both. But having a pet in your home makes it even easier for you to teach your child some moral values and some etiquettes which you’re gonna read here in the below-written passage, so these are the things your pet can teach your child:-


When you bring a Pooch or a cat or any other pet animal to your home you not only bring a living being who’ll show you love, care, affection, etc but also you bring some responsibilities and job roles for yourself. When you start performing these responsibilities of your pet just make sure you keep your child near you and let him learn those things so that in near future he/she can do the same. This will help you bring responsible behavior to your child.


Self Esteem

As a parent when one starts showing their child how much they trust them they start building self-confidence and self-esteem which is good for their future. The same happens in this case where you tell your child to take care of the pet he/she gets that confidence that they can do things easily and their parents have trust in them to give them responsibility.



Nowadays children mostly have anger issues and hyperactive behavior which parents like changing and this can be cured with the help of their home pet. Children love pets and they want the full attention of their pet for which they start doing things that their pet likes, shouting and anger behavior is not acceptable to pets either it is a cat or a dog they like staying away from such beings and this is what will force the child to become a better human being and solve a problem of Parents.



Animals or Pets like being loved and cared for and as they are unable to express themselves by verbal communications they show it with their expressions and behavior and this is what develops understanding and kindness in Humans to learn the behavior of someone and offering them what they need, this is a quality that every parent would like their child to have so it will be helpful for them to have pets in the home.


Fitness & Friendship

Having a pet at home gives you peace of mind and your child a friend to play with. Pets like to play with human beings and also children like playing with them so they can stay fit and fine while playing their favorite games. The group of friends children stay with also love pets and like playing with them so having a pet at home can also make new friends for your child.


Feel Safety

While having a pet in your house especially a dog you can leave your child home alone and they’ll be safe in the house which is the most common purpose people have of having a dog in the house. Safety and Security dogs provided to your house are exceptionally perfect and children also won’t feel bored or home alone.


So, now there are so many reasons for you to buy a pet home and also you know how they are helpful for your children and their behavior. You can now move your foot and take a baby pooch or cat to your home and let them play and learn with your child.

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