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10 Bollywood celebrities and their love for pets

10 Bollywood celebrities and their love for pets

One of the most enduring friendships in history – pets and Humans, or humans and pets. Relationships between pets and their owners are quite different from those found with humans. Whether you own one or not, there is a common consensus that most humans like dogs and cats. Even though you might lean nearer to the subtle end of the “are you a cat or a dog person?” spectrum, most people can appreciate the requirement to squeal when presented with a silky-soft, dopey-end puppy. You are reading this blog means you possess a soft heart for canines.

But have you ever wondered which of your favorite Bollywood celebrities are in love with pets?
Just like you do! Here are the top 10 Bollywood Contenders who are known for showing some canine love!

Amitabh Bachchan

A man is known by the company he keeps and if you talk about Big-B, a big dog will be a perfect match. Amitabh Bachchan had a Great Dane named Shanouk. In an interview, Big-B talks about Shanouk and how he feels ignored after her granddaughter had arrived in their family. Amitabh Bachchan is fond of big great dogs, he had a breed Piranha Dane Dog which is one of the tallest dogs. This powerful bread is also known as German Mastiff, the Deutsche Dogge, and Danish Hound. The best thing about these dogs is they love to be around people every time, and they are very protective in nature. The dog weighs between 60-90 kgs. The dog is in golden yellow color with a black nose area.

amitabh bachchan


Salman Khan

What Sallu Bhai lacks in his romantic life, he makes up for it with his affection for his dogs. Here also Salman Khan’s rules Bollywood for the love he always shows for his pets. He owned 4 dogs, beautifully named My love, My Jaan, Mowgli, Veer. Quirky names, we know! But he maintains a dog blog, in which he says that “From them, I learn patience and forbearance”. The social media handles of Salman khan is mostly occupied with the pictures of himself chilling with his dog.

salman khan


Shilpa Shetty

Fitness guru has a Pekingese dog and two Persian cats. She calls her dog Champagne. Pekingese dogs are famous for being extra cute and they look like a fluffy-fatty-ball. When she is not on any film set, Shilpa Shetty is one of those stars who is often seen sharing pictures of herself with her canine family.

shilpa shetty


Shahrukh khan

King-Khan is known for her romantic films and loving nature. The same he shows with his pet dogs. He owns a Labrador named Hulk and two Maltese named Kai and Juicy. His pet dogs give him so much solace that he has been reported to have said that whenever he feels depressed he prefers to talk to his dog rather than talking to a human.

shahrukh khan


Tushar Kapoor

Be like Tushar a funny and fancy guy, he also calls his dog with a funny gesture named as Whiskey and Risky. He always stands out for his love for dogs. It is in fact rumored that he once got a diamond collar for dogs.

Tushar Kapoor


Priyanka Chopra

With just as many fans as her owner, Brando has too. Miss world has a beautiful cocker spaniel, Brando. Apparently, she named her Brando after the name of Marlon Brando of “The Godfather” fame. A photo shared by Priyanka of pooch went viral as a funny story on Instagram. In that picture the dog is wearing the shoes of Priyanka Chopra and provided with a caption “Funny story, I used to wear my mom’s shoes when I was a kid & now Di is going same. Well the legacy continues”.

priyanka chopra


Shahid Kapoor

His little dog, Kaizer has just passed away recently, after her he brought a new dog and introduced him on social media as the new addition to the family. On Sundays, he used to post pictures with Kaizer captioned as “Sunday mood”. The actor was known to be tremendously fond of pets and often shares pictures and videos on his social media handles.

shahid kapoor


Imran Khan

When Bollywood celebrities are not just busy with vacationing or filming, they also spend time with their loved ones. Just like we all do!
Imran Khan is a huge dog lover, with two dogs named Tony and Kajri. He always said in his interview that adopts dogs, don’t shop. In his busy schedule of back to back movies, he took some time out to relish the downtime with Tony and Kajri.


Shraddha Kapoor

Being a massive dog lover, Shraddha takes her Lhasa apso everywhere. She spends all her time playing with him and has taken him on international trips as well. In an interview shraddha mentioned whenever she went out on some outside film shoot and not able to take her cute little dog. She took some days off in between to comfort a cute member of the family. She posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it as “Pets are always there to cheer us up. We should take time to cheer them up too.

shraddha kapoor


Sonakshi Sinha

She seems to love her little beagle puppy enough to take him along on shoots! She spends most of her time playing with Kuro and pampering him. She posted a picture of a new member dog on her social media handle in which the dog is lying on her very calmly and she captioned her as Happy Valentine’s day from us to you! And meet my new baby”.

sonakshi sinha


These Hot Celebrities have won our souls in more than movies wouldn’t you agree?

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